Permission Encryption

Why HaystackID ?

Managing internal databases has become extremely complex and sophisticated in light of the rapid evolution of data storage maintenance. Strict security protocols often need to be implemented and maintained to ensure the integrity of corporate data and networks, which can complicate data collections when firms are faced with litigation proceedings involving Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) processing.

HaystackID was faced with a project in which the client required six terabytes of internal data that had been loaded from an internal Windows network to be transferred to a set of external USB Hard Drives for a native source code review.

Security settings were still referring to users on the client’s original system who did not exist on any network that HaystackID or the client had access to.


HaystackID’s project consisted of two distinct steps: reassigning ownership of every file in the collection and reassigning permissions to the files so that data would be readable when the drives were returned to the client. The team utilized their extensive knowledge of internal Windows system controls to allow for the over-writing of file permissions to make the data accessible.

HaystackID overcame several complex challenges, including the volume of data which compounded the general difficulties of the project, by designing a custom script that automated the task to simplify and shorten the folder structure contained on the drives, altering permissions along the way.


HaystackID had to formulate a technical and involved plan of action to meet the deadline, which was within five days of receiving the project in light of an impending motion to compel. The team began processing the massive collection and returned the client’s data in a format they could access within the five day deadline, beating the looming Motion to Compel.

HaystackID’s project management team proved their extensive knowledge and expertise can enable exceptional results. The staff’s massive experience helps them go above and beyond simple eDiscovery tasks.


Experience with Windows system architecture helped them finish the client’s project within the deadline, whereas most other vendors would have failed to complete the job at all.

HaystackID ensured that the client could perform its own duties and begin review in as short a time period as possible, saving money and strengthening the client’s litigation leverage.

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