OneNote eDiscovery

Why HaystackID ?

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing, storing and sharing all kinds of information. The organization of OneNote files are extremely difficult to image, as they are not a file but rather a logical collection of files bound together by an index that reflects a virtual foldering structure. This makes the task notably complex from a data processing perspective, as normal software is incapable of handling these documents as easily as Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF files.

In one project, a client had various departments, including legal, IT, software development and others using Microsoft OneNote extensively, and those notebooks needed to be turned over for a litigation proceeding.


HaystackID focuses on efficiency, affordability and defensibility for all tasks, and as such developed its own software tool that scans any incoming client data for the index files used by OneNote.

The tool also recreates the logical structure of the files and converts each individual note to an MHTML file and attached files foldered alongside their corresponding note within the proper subfolders. Developing a repeatable software tool achieves the three focuses of efficiency, affordability and defensibility.


Had HaystackID used the common procedure for this task, it would have resulted in roughly 300 man-hours of labor, significantly higher costs for the client and a non-defensible risk of human error. This progressive strategy to develop the new software allows a single operator to pre-process the same dataset in a few hours and load the newly converted MHTML files as normal electronic documents.

The client saved an exorbitant amount of money and time, while enjoying the assurance that the overall strategy yielded the most optimal accuracy and quickest turnaround.


HaystackID consulted with other litigation support vendors and found that the most common method of completing this task was to manually image and import the files directly into the processing software. As this is a time-consuming and unreasonably expensive task for the end-client, HaystackID leveraged its guiding maxim of “There’s got to be a better way!”

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