Michael Sarlo

– EnCE, CBE, CCLO, RCA, CCPA, Partner and Senior EVP of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics

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Michael D. Sarlo is a Partner and Senior Executive Vice President of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics of HaystackID. In this role, Michael facilitates all operations related to electronic discovery, digital forensics, and litigation strategy both in United States and abroad while working on highly complex forensic and e-Discovery projects. He has full oversight of all facilities and manages workflow and change management to ensure consistent quality and efficiency of all processes for each project entering HaystackID’s walls.

Michael is an expert in cross-border matters and EU data privacy concerns. His expertise in information governance combined with a unique understanding of the challenges that clients face when dealing with inside counsel, outside counsel, and information technology has driven rapid growth within HaystackID while concurrently extending the operational and strategic reach of US clients with international concerns in an evolving data privacy environment.

A certified and highly credentialed forensic examiner possessing exceptional subject matter expertise in all types of computing devices, software, and operating systems, Michael continues to find new methods of reducing costs from e-Discovery projects, ultimately improving the outcome for corporate and law firm clients. He also leads the Haystack development team in crafting unique and award-winning data review applications which address specific and costly review pain points, including cellular device review strategies and workflows for protecting personally identifiable information.

Michael is fluent in a wide variety of digital forensic, ECA, e-Discovery processing and hosting technologies in addition to the IT infrastructure associated with deploying and administering such tools. He is also a frequent speaker on digital forensics best practices, ESI treatment methodologies, and cost containment strategies for working with massive volumes of data.

Michael is based in Washington D.C., and holds certifications around several forensic tools including Cellebrite, EnCase, and BlackLight. He is also a Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA).

Michael is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and has had a storied career in the litigation support and electronic discovery (eDiscovery) industries. From working on highly complex forensic and eDiscovery projects to facilitating all relevant Haystack operations in the United States and abroad, he manages workflow and change management to ensure consistency and quality for all work that comes in.

He has earned certifications and accolades in a diversity of specialties, many of which focus on technology-assisted review, computer forensics, legal cost management, and enterprise server infrastructure. Michael has been a critical force for HaystackID since the firm’s earlier days, propelling it past some of the largest corporations in the industry and into the upper echelons of the industry. He has worked on expanding HaystackID’s global presence, as well as its excellence on a more granular level.

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