The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Suite of Mobile Device Collection Capabilities Built for Today’s Remote Demands

The rapid use of mobile devices for work has significantly challenged eDiscovery professionals as the volume of mobile data grows exponentially. Due to unique technical and privacy issues, legal teams often find themselves unprepared for efficient mobile evidence collection. Additionally, market research indicates that by 2028, around 20% of total eDiscovery spending will be on tools and services for mobile data collection, underscoring the inadequacy of traditional methods in keeping up with the fast-paced mobile business environment.

Integrating mobile communication into all business aspects has also heightened the demand and need for specialized mobile discovery solutions. HaystackID’s Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL) suite addresses this demand and need.

Initially introduced as a single service in early 2023 and now expanded to become the industry’s most comprehensive suite of mobile device collection capabilities, MEDAL provides legal teams with tools for swift remote triage, targeted data extraction, and efficient review processes. This suite, designed to enhance handling the ever-increasing complexity and volume of mobile business data, leads to more effective investigations in a world where business is increasingly conducted on mobile platforms.

Advanced Mobile eDiscovery with MEDAL

HaystackID MEDAL™ is a pioneering mobile device collection suite of six services that deliver an expansive range of remote mobile device collection capabilities specially crafted for the specialized needs and time-to-review demands of digital evidence collection and analysis in today’s eDiscovery processes.

MEDAL Vanguard™

Acts as the initial remote touchpoint, offering a swift evaluation of potential digital evidence contained within devices, setting the stage for further investigative actions.

MEDAL Precision™

Enables legal professionals to extract specific data points necessary for your cases with utmost precision.

MEDAL Relay™

Transforms the efficiency of data review by enabling the direct and remote uploading of mobile device data collected by MEDAL Precision into Relativity databases, significantly streamlining the collection-to-review process.

MEDAL Reach™

Empowers users to perform comprehensive logical extractions of mobile devices remotely, ensuring accessibility to data regardless of geographical constraints.

MEDAL Recon™

Thoroughly analyzes device interactions and histories when a case requires an in-depth examination of digital footprints.

MEDAL Clear™

Cuts through security barriers by allowing access to locked devices to procure critical information that would otherwise remain untapped.

HaystackID’s MEDAL suite collectively transforms the approach to mobile device collections, ensuring that every investigation begins with a comprehensive and remote gathering of relevant digital evidence. This approach paves the way for a more effective and efficient legal discovery process, purpose-built for thoroughness and speed.

MEDAL Vanguard

The Pinnacle of Mobile Data Intelligence for Legal Professionals

MEDAL Vanguard empowers legal teams to gain critical insights without compromising privacy or security, transforming the way mobile data is collected in the discovery process.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Effortless Data Preview: MEDAL Vanguard allows legal teams to preview a device’s data, empowering them to ascertain the relevance of the information before committing to a full-scale collection.
  • Privacy-First Approach: The tool places paramount importance on client confidentiality while adeptly identifying pivotal information, ensuring a delicate balance between thoroughness and discretion.
  • Comprehensive Reports: It generates extensive reports that detail communication logs and application usage, serving as a foundation for strategic legal decision-making.
  • Smart Triage Capabilities: MEDAL Vanguard enables targeted collection, ensuring that only necessary data is secured, thus mitigating the risk of overexposure.
  • Rapid Intelligence Production: The tool is adept at converting what traditionally would be days of work into a matter of hours, promptly delivering actionable
  • Prepared Collection Teams: With the foresight to identify third-party messaging services, it ensures that teams are well-equipped to preserve essential data pertinent to a case.

Reporting Metrics

MEDAL Vanguard provides a thorough analysis of the following metrics, pivotal for a comprehensive understanding of the mobile device in question:

  • Device Information: Make, model, serial number, OS version, unique identifier, encryption status, and data size.
  • Contact Details: Total number of contacts and detailed listings.
  • Call and Message Details: Logs of incoming and outgoing calls, message threads, attachments, and recently deleted messages.
  • Third-Party Messaging Services: Detailed WeChat and WhatsApp message logs.
  • Application Inventory: A list of installed applications with details such as version, author, and URL.

Optimized Workflow

Beyond the initial report, MEDAL Vanguard offers the capability to perform MEDAL Precision collections, reutilizing the same system to collect specific data identified as relevant, further saving time and resources.

MEDAL Vanguard’s ingenuity lies in its ability to revolutionize the data collection process, providing intelligence swiftly and securely, thereby setting new industry standards. For the discerning legal professional, it encapsulates the essence of innovation, precision, and security, paving the way toward smarter and faster mobile data identification and collection.

“Mobile devices generate data at unprecedented velocity, intensifying the complexity of investigations in a Forensics First world. HaystackID is meeting this demand head-on with the launch of MEDAL and the introduction of exclusive tools like MEDAL Vanguard for accelerated triage and MEDAL Relay for direct Relativity integration. MEDAL delivers innovations that cut through the noise with unparalleled speed, empowering legal professionals with swift, remote, and precisely targeted mobile device collection and analysis. As mobile communications increasingly becomes engrained into business, so does the need for specialized discovery solutions. We're proud to be leading the way.”

John Wilson

John Wilson

Chief Information Security Officer
President of Forensics

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MEDAL Precision

The Art of Targeted Mobile Data Extraction for eDiscovery

MEDAL Precision represents a significant leap forward in the art of eDiscovery, with new functionalities designed to further refine the data extraction process, ensuring that legal professionals can act with greater precision and confidence.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Selective Data Access: MEDAL Precision provides the capability to swiftly zero in on essential data, such as vital chats and contacts, ensuring a secure and focused collection.
  • Intelligent Targeting: It employs insights from MEDAL Vanguard to concentrate efforts on the most pertinent information, enhancing the relevance of the data collected.
  • Scope-Specific Extraction: This tool allows professionals to confine their review to relevant date ranges and specific contacts, effectively cutting through the digital noise.
  • Privacy Protection: With MEDAL Precision, trust in a system meticulously designed to avert unintended access to personal and sensitive information.

Controlled Workflow

MEDAL Precision instills a sense of control and confidence in accelerating collection and review workflows, allowing legal teams to:

  • Collect data with precision, eliminating irrelevant information.
  • Review data securely, ensuring personal details remain private.
  • Streamline the eDiscovery process, focusing on reviews and minimizing time
    spent on extraneous data.

MEDAL Precision shifts the collection paradigm in eDiscovery — a move towards a smarter, safer process where data isn’t just collected; it’s curated with intelligence.

Key Capabilities

  • Intelligence Driven: Customize investigations by using an intelligent approach to isolating actionable data to preserve and review.
  • Date Range Filtering: Stay within the scope of the case. There is no need to collect and review troves of messages or filter data based on specific data ranges.
  • Participants Chat Filtering: Using intelligence from Medal Vanguard or through custodian interviews, select only the participants involved in the case or upload a text file of numbers for a matter to review thread communications. Keep personal and business conversations separated by participants’ chat threads.
  • Exclude Attachments: Choose to exclude costly message attachments from a collection and focus on the conversations.
  • Third-Party Messaging Services: Preserve limited available messaging services for preservation and additional processing. WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, Facebook Messenger and more.
  • Go Beyond Messages (iOS Only): Grab additional raw data sources like voicemails, digital recordings, calendars, notes, Safari History, locations, and notes to enhance your investigation data to review. The resulting raw data files can be preserved and processed with forensic tools.
  • Photo Gallery Selection (Android Only): Choose from automated or userdirected selection modes for precise collections of photos and videos.
  • Hidden Folders: Using the MEDAL Precision user-driven Gallery selection mode, users can show hidden folders on the Android file system and choose files for collection via the in-app picker. This can include items from the Trash.
  • Streamline the Deliverable: Quickly get selected data in a variety of formats, including MEDAL Relay, HaystackID’s Mobile Device Integrator, Relativity Short Messaging Format (RSMF), and Concordance load files and PDFs.

“At HaystackID, we intimately understand the mobile data challenge from our unique position supporting numerous complex investigations over the years. With the launch of an expanded MEDAL offering, we are now delivering a comprehensive suite of mobile-tailored services to provide greater visibility and control, regardless of where sensitive data resides—paving the way for much faster and more effective investigations.”

Hal Brooks

Hal Brooks

Chief Executive Officer

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Redefining eDiscovery Efficiency for Relativity Users

MEDAL Relay transforms the eDiscovery landscape with its exclusive Relativity integration, making it a must-have for legal professionals seeking to elevate their analysis and review process.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusivity in Efficiency: MEDAL Relay is the only tool dedicated to seamlessly importing specific smartphone data exports directly into your legal review database, distinguishing it as a unique solution in the market.
  • Rapid Review Transition: The application significantly accelerates the transition from data collection to attorney analysis, dramatically reducing the time required for review.
  • Harmony with Relativity: Designed to work in tandem with RelativityOne and RelativityServer, MEDAL Relay ensures a fluid and coherent workflow for legal teams.

In an era where time is tantamount to currency and efficiency equates to excellence, the advent of MEDAL Relay marks a turning point in the field of
eDiscovery. This state-of-the-art application is not merely an enhancement to existing methodologies but a redefinition of what is possible in data analysis and management.

Impact Advantages

MEDAL Relay empowers its users to:

  • Accelerate Data Analysis: Propel your data scrutiny velocity to unprecedented levels, enabling you to glean insights with unparalleled rapidity.
  • Reduce Costs: Witness a substantial diminution in both temporal and fiscal expenditures, liberating valuable resources for strategic reallocation.
  • Innovate eDiscovery: Join the vanguard of eDiscovery evolution, harnessing a tool that is reimagining the pathways of data migration and analytical scrutiny.

The impact advantages of MEDAL Relay resonate through the core of eDiscovery practices. The application’s ability to expedite analysis, conserve resources, and lead innovation paves the way for a future where legal professionals can navigate the data deluge with unmatched agility and foresight.

Workflow Beneficiaries

The fabric of the legal profession is woven with various specialists, each with unique demands and pressures. MEDAL Relay is engineered with the
understanding that these professionals require tools that can keep pace with their dynamic work environments.

MEDAL Relay is the ally of:

  • Litigators Racing Against Time: Equip yourself with the tool that transforms hours into minutes and days into hours, staying ahead in the legal race.
  • M&A Professionals: Navigate the complexities of mergers with a tool that matches your need for meticulous attention to detail.
  • Compliance Authorities: Uphold the pillars of corporate integrity with a system that meets the high standards of regulatory compliance.
  • eDiscovery Experts: Manage data with an unprecedented level of precision, setting a new standard in the realm of digital investigation.

By aligning with the unique rhythms of various specialists within the legal sphere with the challenge of mobile device collection and review, MEDAL Relay is an indispensable asset across the spectrum of legal disciplines.


Extending the Arm of Remote Mobile Collection

In today’s globalized world, legal professionals face the challenge of collecting mobile device data across diverse geographic landscapes. MEDAL Reach is a groundbreaking solution crafted to conquer the distances that complicate the eDiscovery process. This innovative tool extends the arm of eDiscovery, allowing for precise data collection from any corner of the world with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

MEDAL Reach is the epitome of innovation in mobile data collection, offering a suite of features that transform the eDiscovery workflow:

  • 24/7 Collection Capability: MEDAL Reach ensures that data can be collected at any hour, adapting to various time zones and working hours, providing
    unmatched convenience.
  • Rapid Deployment: With the promise of overnight domestic delivery, MEDAL Reach expedites the collection process, setting a new pace for case progression.
  • Effortless Recovery: The service simplifies the return of evidence, making the process smooth and trouble-free for all parties involved.
  • Cost-Efficiency: By eliminating the need for travel, MEDAL Reach cuts down on one of the most significant expenses in eDiscovery.
  • Enhanced Security: Every step of the data handling process is safeguarded by robust encryption, ensuring that the integrity of the data is never compromised.
  • User-Friendly Interface: MEDAL Reach is designed to be intuitive, requiring minimal interaction and thus streamlining the collection process.

Workflow Integration

MEDAL Reach integrates seamlessly with the existing eDiscovery workflow. Its compatibility with both iOS and selected Android devices ensures a broad application, while the simple requirements for high speed internet and device access make it accessible and straightforward. When used with MEDAL Vanguard and MEDAL Precision, MEDAL Reach forms part of a comprehensive eDiscovery strategy that is both efficient and effective.

The Reach Advantage

The forensic excellence at the core of MEDAL Reach guarantees the reliability and courtroom-readiness of the data. It exemplifies unparalleled global connectivity, meticulous forensic accuracy, and enhanced operational productivity. Adopting MEDAL Reach equips legal practitioners with a comprehensive tool that effectively diminishes geographical distances, positioning it as an essential element in the modern eDiscovery toolkit.


Navigating the Depths of Mobile Forensics

In the intricate dance of digital investigation, every byte of data holds the potential to pivot a case’s direction. MEDAL Recon emerges as the compass that guides forensic and eDiscovery professionals through the vast ocean of mobile data. Crafted with the precision of law-enforcement-grade resources, MEDAL Recon stands as the ultimate tool for deep digital analysis, offering access to a realm of data once considered beyond the reach of traditional methodologies.

Key Features and Benefits

MEDAL Recon is a beacon in the mobile forensics landscape, illuminating paths once shrouded in obscurity:

  • Recover Lost Treasures: MEDAL Recon’s capability to salvage deleted artifacts can be the linchpin in unraveling case mysteries.
  • Trace Every Step: With enhanced access to timeline entries and geolocation data, MEDAL Recon lays bare the digital movements of subjects.
  • Network Insights: Visibility into network connectivity opens doors to evidence that could be crucial to the outcome of investigations.
  • Metadata Mastery: A profound dive into metadata unlocks a more nuanced understanding of data origination and interaction.

Workflow Advantages

MEDAL Recon transforms the eDiscovery and forensic examination workflow with the following:

  • Behavioral Insights: Application usage data provides a window into the user’s digital behavior.
  • Decryption Capabilities: Third-party messaging services like Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp are decrypted for meticulous review.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: No data remains hidden, ensuring a thorough and complete investigation.


While MEDAL Recon is a formidable tool, it is important to recognize the commitment it entails:

  • Time Investment: The depth of analysis provided by MEDAL Recon necessitates a comprehensive and methodical approach.
  • Device Compatibility: The ever-evolving landscape of technology means that not all devices may be supported.
  • Encryption Challenges: Despite encryption presenting hurdles, MEDAL Recon approaches these challenges not as barriers but as puzzles to be solved.

The Story of Evidence Told

In the narrative of eDiscovery, MEDAL Recon does not merely recount the evidence; it unveils the story behind user interactions, shining a light on encrypted data now laid bare. Transform collection approaches to eDiscovery and forensics with MEDAL Recon, where the journey into the depths of data analysis is as revealing as the destination. As every byte tells its tale, with MEDAL Recon, no data remains concealed in the shadows, ensuring that investigative narratives are complete and compelling.


Unlocking A Clear Advantage in Mobile Device Forensics

In mobile forensics, the quest for undiscovered data is relentless. HaystackID’s MEDAL Clear provides clarity in this quest, illuminating the obscured depths of mobile devices. Designed for the discerning cyber, information governance, and eDiscovery specialists, MEDAL Clear is the quintessential tool for unlocking the full spectrum of digital evidence within Android and iOS ecosystems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Full-File System Extractions: Embark on explorations into previously inaccessible file system territories with unwavering confidence.
  • Expanded Device Support: Boasting a vast range of compatibility, MEDAL Clear supports major brands and operating systems, including but not limited to Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Sony.
  • Advanced iOS Insight: Uncover the intricacies of iOS devices, from KnowledgeC databases to circumventing iTunes backup encryption, uncovering layers of detailed, device-specific information.

Technical Consideration

  • Support for Wide OS Versions: MEDAL Clear supports Android up to version 14 and iOS versions from 7 to 16.7.
  • Coverage for a Spectrum of iPhone Models: The service spans iPhone models from 4s through to the 14 Pro Max.
  • Forensically Sound Extractions: Uphold data integrity with thorough and methodologically sound extractions.

Clear Advantages

MEDAL Clear offers a robust set of advantages that redefine mobile device forensics:

  • Security Bypass: Navigate past pin and biometric safeguards on select devices to bring critical data into sharp relief.
  • Access Hidden Compartments: Explore the Secure Folder on Samsung, Private Space on Huawei, and KeyChain on iOS for a thorough examination.
  • Robust Encryption Bypass: Decode information secured by FBE and FDE encryption, ensuring comprehensive data visibility.
  • In-Depth Application Analysis: Delve into third-party applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Signal for extensive data retrieval.

Unmatched Assurance

MEDAL Clear stands not merely as a tool but as an assurance that professionals are empowered with leading-edge technology to extract every shred of pertinent data.

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