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Why HaystackID ?

HaystackID has been innovating since its inception, having brought aboard creative and brilliant minds since day one. These inventions range from software and digital tools to techniques, workflows, and project management frameworks, and the frequency with which innovation takes place within the walls of HaystackID has only accelerated over time.

HaystackID’s commitment to improving the industry in which it competes every time it gets the chance to has translated to an arsenal of novel and unique solutions, as well as a reputation for being able to complete any task – no matter how novel or complex it might be. One recent case showcased HaystackID’s ability to customize solutions and create new technologies in such a way that builds stronger client relationships and advances the litigation support marketplace at large.


One of the most prestigious law firms in the world has a constant stream of highly complex and extremely sensitive matters. The firm reached that level of prestige and garnered the trust it retains among its clientele because of its consistent ability to make the right decisions throughout every stage of a given litigation proceeding.

In the past decade, some of the most important decisions of all center around the technological side of litigation, notably within the collection, hosting, analysis, and preservation of digital information.

One recent case illustrated why the law firm is sound in its decision to leverage HaystackID for litigation support needs, notably because of the extreme technical issues that can stifle a proceeding should it not be handled swiftly and properly.

This firm has consistently entrusted HaystackID with its highly sensitive litigation support needs, and HaystackID never disappoints, proving its value and superiority in the market every time a new project is presented.


The biggest challenge involved in this matter was the irregularity of the data that needed to be collected. Back in 2016, when HaystackID was engaged, data sources like Slack Chat were extraordinarily novel and represented uncharted territory for most of the litigation support marketplace. When novelties like that presented themselves, there was often no tool, technique, or workflow to be used. Rather, these projects demanded an entirely innovative and creative approach.

The law firm needed a massive collection from Slack Chat, including data from seven custodians over an 18-month period, as well as a collection within JIRA that involved more than 11,000 issues across seven segmented projects. Additionally, there was a demand to collect data from Gmail and Google Calendar accounts from seven custodians with various restrictions.


HaystackID quickly commenced its work on the project, first recognizing that it needed to create a customized solution to first collect data through the APIs and get them into a Relativity workspace for review. Then, the litigation support service provider built a second customized solution, this time to deduplicate the data from these non-standard sources.

HaystackID collected public, private, and group chats from the seven custodians over that 18-month period in Slack Chat through the custom collection solution, then processed it and provided it back to the law firm for loading into their review platform. Only one version of a chat group was presented thanks to the custom deduplication, making for a more efficient and cost-effective review process.

For JIRA, HaystackID collected seven different projects along with any sub-attachments that existed, and identified 11,456 issues within the frame of work. This required a separate customized collection solution to properly pull the data, process it, and produce it to the client in a format compatible with its review platform. Finally, HaystackID collected from seven unique Gmail, Google Calendars, and Google Drive accounts to round out the production.

The Outcome

HaystackID managed to complete the project within the required deadline and up to specification despite the fact that these types of jobs were rare at best up until that point. What’s more, in creating custom solutions to not just complete the tasks at hand, but do so in an optimally efficient and cost-effective fashion, further ignited the professional relationship between the law firm and HaystackID, leading to more work down the road.

This project also showcased HaystackID’s ability to identify a hole in the fabric of the litigation support market and fill it through creative innovation, as it is now the leading name in mobile review thanks to its proprietary relativity Cellebrite Integrator solution. This tool is the only one that allows for seamless review of complex mobile data review in relativity through Cellebrite’s industry standard solution.

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