eDiscovery Evolution

Why HaystackID ?

Litigation support continues to evolve to meet the needs of changing technology, forcing the industry to adopt new methodologies to capture advanced formats of information.

A standard webpage is among the most challenging formats of information to capture in the digital age, as they are filled with embedded media, links to other pages, and other features. This makes the modern webpage far more dynamic than standard electronic documents, which can be easily printed or converted into a usable image.

Many sites include semi-proprietary or copy-prevention technologies which further complicate the collection of webpages. In rare cases, it is entirely impossible for technicians to capture the site as the user requires.


The application then downloads these pages and repeats the process of building a list of hyperlinks on each downloaded page until all pages on the website have been downloaded. HaystackID’s customized process completes the task in a highly structured fashion, pulling down file-by-file, with HTML, style sheets, external JavaScript and images each in their own folders.

These files are then put into a program that pre-processes the HTML files into PDFs, integrating all various files into a single location. The project management team then reviews the contents of the converted site for logical duplicates, being careful not to eliminate files hosted on the site.


While all of this might seem like Sanskrit, HaystackID’s team of operators and Project Managers are very familiar with this process. The development of the customized program enables HaystackID to accomplish related jobs accurately and efficiently.

This deep level of understanding and commitment to the process sets HaystackID head and shoulders above the competition, establishing it as the premiere vendor for all litigation support needs, no matter the complexity or novelty of given tasks.


HaystackID has invested as much time and resource necessary to perfect the process of quickly and efficiently capturing webpages as requested by clients. The team has custom-designed a combination of various applications known as “web-spiders” which points to the main page of a given website and builds a list of links to all other pages.

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