Deceptive Forensics

Why HaystackID?

Any litigation services firm can attest to the fact that a project is rarely as simple as it initially appears, and HaystackID has learned this truth time and time again. In one instance, HaystackID was presented with a test that entailed performing a large forensic data collection of an individual’s laptop who was involved in a lawsuit against a major organization concerning ownership of intellectual property.


When the plaintiff’s Mac laptop was collected, it was found to have a program installed which is often used to permanently obfuscate data from any attempt at a forensic collection. As a result of this finding, the defendant in the case moved to dismiss the lawsuit, claiming that the program had the sole purpose of destroying evidence.


The plaintiff claimed that the software suite they had installed prior to the wipe was the cause of performance issues to their machine, and all attempts to uninstall and reinstall the program did nothing to fix the program. The plaintiff claimed he contacted the sales team at the Apple store, which recommended the use of a “Permanent Eraser” program to delete the software that was causing performance issues.


HaystackID has extensive experience managing cases in which organizations attempt to hide data from collection. The team used this subject matter expertise to work around the situation, as HaystackID was hired to confirm the plaintiff’s story.

HaystackID’s technicians unearthed “crash logs” that had remained unaltered even after the “Permanent Eraser,” and in so doing conclusively illustrated that there had been instability in the system days before the “Permanent Eraser” was installed. This made the plaintiff’s story more plausible.

HaystackID completed a job that most litigation services providers could not, all thanks to the team’s increased level of expertise. The technicians and project management team ensured that all matters were handled in a timely and accurate fashion, ensuring the plaintiff’s integrity in the case.

HaystackID offered expert guidance and services to uncover the needle in the haystack, and provided a service few others could have possibly completed. The trial would have never happened if HaystackID was not able to provide evidence of the plaintiff’s story.

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