Data Size Matters

Why HaystackID ?

When it comes to eDiscovery, the size of data sets is often the most accurate indicator of the price, turnaround time and delivery methods, which are all crucial factors in the litigation process. If the data set can fit on a blank CD, the job can be handled in a matter of hours, but if it is contained on an external hard drive, it could take more than a day to process, incurring unmanageable costs for the client.

On top of this, archive files, such as ZIP and RAR, make it nearly impossible to project the completion time and cost without first ingesting the data into a processing platform. Nested archives, which have become common, can make this even more complex, expensive and time-consuming.

HaystackID takes pride in being the premier litigation support vendor, and as such has worked to find a cure to the issue that so many clients had raised concerns about.


HaystackID developed a tool, aptly named “Archive Exploder,” that is capable of recursively examining source data, making backup copies of source archives, extracting the archive contents to a folder named according the original archive name, then re-examining the contents of that folder for more archives. The program repeats the process until the program is able to perform a clean sweep without finding any embedded archives.

Archive Exploder is comprehensive, as it works with a variety of archive and container files, including .ZIP, .RAR, .7Z, .TAR, .GZ, .BZ2 AND .ISO. The tool can even be adjusted to process .JAR and .CAB archive and container files in the rare circumstance that it is necessary.


Taking the approach of creating a custom made utility and inserting it into the processing workflow for all clients, the project management team has saved countless man-hours, thus decreasing the client’s expenditures and improving turnaround times on processing.


Archive Exploder has been especially admired for its ability to provide clients with accurate quotes without having to first ingest the data into a processing platform. This removes the “body-shop” style surprise invoices that can hinder trust between vendors and clients, as HaystackID clients will never be surprised by an invoice for what they thought to be four gigabytes of data and ended up being six gigabytes.

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