Complex eDiscovery

Why HaystackID ?

Any litigation services firm can assist with the simple processing requests that go along with a litigation proceeding. It takes a true technology focused well-rounded service provider to be able to assist with out-of-the-box solutions.

HaystackID is that vendor with a breadth of experience ranging from vendor to law firm to corporation. In one instance, HaystackID had a law firm client who was struggling with hiring a full-time employee to manage their litigation support department.


HaystackID began an analysis campaign, reviewing data from the previous twelve months, to determine how many billable hours the firm spent each month performing litigation support tasks.

In addition to providing database support for the firm, HaystackID also trains new attorneys and support staff during their orientation period.


The peaks and valleys were rather severe, where some months required less than a part-time staff while other months required more than a full-time employee.


We were able to present a plan where this firm was provided with a dedicated Project Manager for a set number of hours per month. In cases where that Project Manager was unavailable, they had support staff trained and ready to jump in.

The plan also factored in the slower months, by providing roll-over hours to account for the busy months. Based on the pro-active planning of HaystackID and the openness of the law firm by providing their previous months’ numbers, it is unusual for the firm to go over their allocated hours.

The firm now feels confident managing the peaks and valleys of discovery schedules, knowing they will be supported at all times. This confidence comes accompanied by unmatched responsiveness, even compared to having their own full-time employee.

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