Co-Mingled Systems

Why HaystackID ?

Companies today often have mixed IT infrastructures, meaning that their computers run on different operating systems such as Windows and Linux or Windows and Mac OS. This is especially common in software companies whose applications run and need to be tested on multiple platforms, as well as industries in which alternative operating systems are essential, such as financial services and healthcare.

The rise of bring your own device (“BYOD”) has further complicated the issue, and made it apparent in a wider range of organizations than ever before. Mixed environments can make collections extremely complex because the server organization allows for the same logical data to be stored in totally different places and formats.


HaystackID’s team is well-versed in these situations, and has a strong familiarity with UNIX-derivative systems. The project management team worked with our Systems Architects to identify key operating system folders and eliminate gigabytes of irrelevant data from the collection.

Some of the records the client required for collection were stored in a file version tracking system in which users “checked in” files when they were done editing. The server did not store these files in their normal native formats. Hence, the server system needed to be reactivated to allow retrieval of documents and ensure a fully defensible collection.


HaystackID’s team created a secondary virtual working Solaris system and loaded copies of the relevant files, allowing our Project Managers to examine those files in question and provide them back in true native format.

This new strategy developed by HaystackID has been successful in several cases since, and similar work has been performed with web application servers and other types of data-driven systems not based upon flat files.

HaystackID’s dedication to a strict standard of excellence enabled the client to cull down a 600GB data set that contained millions of unnecessary documents to a core review set of relevant documents. What would have been a nightmare for most litigation solutions providers, and clients for that matter, was just another day in the office for HaystackID, adapting to the needs of its clients, no matter how involved or complex.


HaystackID prides itself on the ability to adapt to the infrastructure requirements of its client. In one case, the team was tasked with a collection in such an environment as described above, though the infrastructure was divided between Windows and Solaris environments.

Solaris and other UNIX-derivative systems have no comparable utility for “deNISTing,” as is common when processing Windows files.

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