Case Study "Quick Looks"

HaystackID’s case studies present examples of how we can help you find, listen to, and learn from your data by sharing how we have helped others with their computer forensics, eDiscovery, and legal document review needs.

Review the case studies online or download them via the control bar at the bottom of each document to learn more about HaystackID.

General Company Overview and Integrated eDiscovery Case Study

[Case Study] Antitrust Agency Second Request Support

[Case Study] A Complex Defense of Intellectual Property

Quick Look Case Studies

[Case Study] A Can-Do Mentality

[Case Study] Ability to Adapt

[Case Study] Permission Encryption

[Case Study] Damaged Technology

[Case Study] Data Size Matters

[Case Study] Deceptive Forensics

[Case Study] Innovating on the Fly

[Case Study] Rapid Response Forensics

[Case Study] OneNote eDiscovery

[Case Study] eDiscovery Evolution

[Case Study] Blind De-Duplication

[Case Study] Trustworthy Consultation

[Case Study] Complex eDiscovery

[Case Study] Unique Persistence

[Case Study] Technology-Assisted Review of a Second Request

[Case Study] Third Party Subpoenas

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