Can-Do Mentality

Why HaystackID ?

HaystackID Information Discovery (“HaystackID”) has made a name for itself in the scope of litigation proceedings that involve the public sector, as it has a unique understanding of the peculiarities that accompany such matters. Not only can cases present far more red tape in this arena – the scope of projects and timelines in which they need to be completed can be equally challenging.

Years’ worth of experience and a commitment to hiring professionals with the can-do¬ mentality have proven to drive HaystackID in the direction of excellence in the eyes of counsel representing public sector and governmental entities. One recent case exhibited some of the reasons why HaystackID remains as a go-to service provider for a range of law firms.


HaystackID has proven its value time and time again to a particular law firm over the years, especially when collections must occur outside the normal business day, such as holidays. In this case, due to the government being on holiday, Easter Sunday was chosen as the best day to image a multitude of devices including laptop and desktop computers.

HaystackID mobilized a team within a week’s notice to run this extensive collection. With the assistance of the client on that specific weekend, HaystackID’s forensic examiners were able to travel out of state, image the required computers, and run searches on the data using forensic tools so that the attorneys would be ready to begin the review process on the corresponding Monday.

Few litigation support service providers would offer such activity on holidays, and none would be as reliable as HaystackID in this particular class of production.


Some of the key challenges involved in this project included the following:

  • Speedy Mobilization: The law firm needed an end-to-end service provider that could have boots on the ground in a very short period of time.
  • Large Scope: The case involved a tremendous amount of data as a court order was in place and all datasets had to be reviewed as quickly as possible.
  • Lack of Consensus: HaystackID had to find ways to make everyone happy in a situation where the law firm and local government officials were offering up conflicting directions.


HaystackID mobilized in short order and worked through a holiday weekend to expedite the collection process. As a company, HaystackID believes that every client, no matter the type or size of case, is as important as any other.

A team of HaystackID individuals handled an extremely complex situation by exhibiting promptness, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to complete a task as quickly as possible. It shows the value HaystackID brings to every matter, every time, for every client.

Through a combination of exceptional technical acumen and a commitment to completing the work regardless of the day of the week or the scope of the project, HaystackID’s team guided the project from start to finish, and handled the full range of challenges throughout.

The Outcome

Work transpired so seamlessly that the law firm has used HaystackID for a myriad of cases since. Some service offerings that the client frequently reaches out to HaystackID for include:

  • Forensic Collections
  • Forensic Culling
  • Data Processing
  • Complex Searches/Filtering
  • Relativity Hosting For Review
  • Productions

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