Ability to Adapt

Why HaystackID ?

HaystackID has long understood the importance of agility and flexibility in the litigation support landscape. This began with its early commitment to technology neutrality, or the promise that it would never get tied down by one piece of software like so many of its competitors, rather becoming experts in the full spectrum of technologies available on the market.

A combination of extreme adaptability and unrivaled technological acumen and awareness has enabled HaystackID to complete some of the more seemingly impossible projects, all at a low cost and in a timely fashion. It is for this reason that one client reached out to HaystackID to complete a project that involved some highly novel challenges and specifications.


Technology within and surrounding the litigation support market continues to evolve rapidly and, in many cases, some of the most powerful, advanced tools will simply not jive with one another. Even when a law firm or corporate legal department is trying to leverage one tool within an exceedingly popular platform, they might not be able to. This represents one of the key reasons why consultation and the ability to think outside of the box is critical in litigation support.

In a cost-sensitive litigation proceeding, the client needed to utilize email threading and near duplicate analysis in their in-house Relativity review platform. After a demonstration of HaystackID’s Brainspace offering, the client made the decision to move forward using Brainspace.

Then came the caveat: The client’s in-house Relativity was version 8.2, which does not support Brainspace integration. Additionally, Brainspace does not support integration with Relativity 8.2. The client had approximately 26,000 documents they wished to run through email threading and near duplicate analysis all through their in-house Relativity 8.2 platform due to cost constraints.


Some of the key challenges involved in this case included the following:

  • Novelty: Like so many other projects, this one included its sheer novelty, not having been approached or done before, and thus not coming along with any type of industry standard or best practice.
  • Cost Sensitivity: Spend management and cost control are often the most important and difficult elements of litigation proceedings, especially when newer technologies and advanced analytics are involved.
  • Relativity 8.2: This older version of the review platform was never intended to support Brainspace and using the built-in analytics engine is not cost effective or time efficient.
  • Brainspace: Brainspace cannot be installed in a Relativity 8.2 platform, but the client needed and (rightfully) demanded that HaystackID find a way to work around this issue.


HaystackID leveraged the following services, solutions, and techniques to complete the tasks at hand:

  • Litigation Support and Relativity Mastery: HaystackID meticulously custom-configured the client’s Relativity 8.2 workspace to mimic the core analytics functionality of email threading and near duplicate analysis using Brainspace. This was achieved over 2 days of remote sessions in the client’s environment, manually configuring and creating the structural components in Relativity 8.2 required to enable this previously unsupported functionality.
  • Brainspace Analytics: HaystackID requested a basic export of 8 fields, extracted text from the client, and imported it into their in-house Brainspace engine in tandem with a scratch Relativity 9.5 workspace. Full analytics were performed, while the resultant data was exported and then overlaid into the client’s Relativity 8.2 workspace.
  • Project Management: HaystackID’s project management team worked closely with the client to figure out how to make an 8.2 workspace function with analytics and coordinate the many complex steps involved in a timely fashion.

This approach to solving the problem would simply not have been prescribed nor utilized by another litigation support service provider for many reasons, most notable among them being HaystackID’s unmatched versatility and ability to specialize actions in accordance with unique needs.

The Outcome

Email threading and near duplicate functionality were successfully implemented in the client’s Relativity 8.2 workspace, enabling them to cut review volume by 35 percent and greatly expedite review by reviewing inclusive email threads. They then utilized a near duplicate review to further accelerate completion of the review.

The ability to adapt and innovate is crucial in the modern litigation support market, and HaystackID has worked tirelessly to ensure that it is staffed with the right people, and that those employees are engaged and empowered, to be the most agile and versatile service provider around. Cases like this show just how consistently HaystackID can complete what are otherwise deemed as impossible projects, and maintain strong business relationships with clients as a result.

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