Managed Review

Document review has long been a major source of risk and cost within the litigation lifecycle. The dangers and expenses involved have catalyzed significant demand for a document review service that is highly responsive, specialized, and technologically superior, and managed by an experienced and thoroughly vetted talent pool.

HAYSTACKID LLC recognizes that demand, and offers an innovative approach to managed review. The best experience is founded on better people management, process optimization, and departmental integration.

Key Differentiators

Haystack takes the following steps in managed review to offer corporate counsel and law firms a better path forward:

  • Agility: Haystack maintains the highest level of agility, while response times are shorter and services are tailormade. Our end-to-end services offer the most flexible and efficient workflows, and our ability to optimally scale to the needs of each project remains unmatched in the marketplace.
  • Talent: Haystack’s talent management approach begins with enhanced, focused vetting practices to staff the review team with only the most experienced, reliable, and skilled professionals. From there, our scalable teams are supported through intelligent information sharing and knowledge management systems. We attract and retain the best minds in the business.
  • Unit-based: Haystack Managed Review’s default approach to pricing is unit-based rather than hourly. This places the onus on our team and shifts many cost-related risks away from clients and squarely onto Haystack. Cost-predictability, transparency and overall project efficiency are maximized in this arrangement. We do offer hourly pricing as well, but find that unit-based models work to the greatest advantage for our clientele.
  • Leadership: Our managed review leadership team has a proven track record of developing winning policies, processes, and strategies. Haystack’s managed review leadership defensibly keeps the sails of each project true from inception to completion.
  • Purpose-driven platform: The managed review offering is sup-ported by Haystack’s full spectrum of end-to-end litigation support services that account for every EDRM demand. Our purpose-driven platform is sophisticated, intelligent, and consultative, and leverages the most powerful technologies to ensure optimal outcomes.

Haystack’s managed review services offering provides counsel with a distinctive option that defies the subpar traditions of document review services that have lingered to this point.


Haystack prides itself on being the most consultative litigation support service provider in the marketplace, and this characteristic shines in Haystack Managed Review. Rather than prescribing a blind plan of action when a project arises, our professionals will consult with law firms and in-house legal departments to conceive, customize and execute the most tailored workflow to yield optimal results and outcomes.

Fully Integrated

Haystack Managed Review is fully integrated with the entire range of litigation support services and technology the company possesses. This ensures a true end-to-end, efficient and well-orchestrated experience among clients, regardless of the scope of a given project, as well as access to a broad range of experts in all fields related to litigation support and legal technology.

The entirety of the EDRM lifecycle must be covered to achieve review project goals at the lowest possible cost. Our approach integrates Managed Review into everything from forensics and processing to hosting and beyond to truly make a massive difference in outcomes. Additionally, Haystack Managed Review includes several proprietary tools that maximize transparency throughout a given review project, including advanced reporting and analysis tools.


Haystack is committed to providing the best service in the industry. We define this through cost control and predictability, defensibility, efficiency, services integration, responsiveness to our clients, and maintaining the strongest talent pool in the industry through refined onboarding, professional development, and management.

The revolving door approach to attorney reviewers ends at Haystack, and this translates to a higher caliber of review teams, fully supported review management, and a truly quality- centric, technology-driven service.

Through proactive risk management, systematic checks and balances through structured quality control, and consultative rather than sales-centric services, Haystack is the clear choice for managed review. We have the quality-first mentality, always, and leverage smarter products to deliver strategic services every time.

Bottom Line

No matter how complex your matter is, Haystack’s versatility, agility, and responsiveness make for a truly hassle-free solution. Cost predictability, proactive risk management, and customized end-to-end project management remove stress and failure from the equation.

Haystack has review centers in Boston, New York City, Houston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Get in touch with our knowledgeable consultants today to step into the future of managed review.