Forensic Analysis & Testimony

HAYSTACKID LLC offers a full range of forensic collection services. This includes targeted collections, full forensic images of computers and servers, and other types of devices, documentation of all relevant processes, and detailed electronic chain of custody reporting.

We leverage the same best-in-breed forensic technology as the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, NASA, and State Department.

Our highly integrated and coordinated forensics practice is managed by the best minds in the industry, and Haystack has yet to encounter a project that it could not complete in the most efficient, accurate, and timely fashion possible.

Computer Forensic Analysis

Haystack identifies the “smoking gun” with assistance in search term strategy, while also offering support in questioning collection methods and analysis results of opposing counsel, when applicable.

From preparing comprehensive collection reports to assisting in 30(b)(6) depositions, Haystack is a leader in forensic analysis services.

We provide the following computer forensic options:

  • Early Case Assessment,
  • Forensic Acquisitions (On-Site or In-House),
  • Evidence Preservation,
  • Forensic Analysis and Reporting,
  • Affidavits, Depositions and Testimony as Required.

Since potential evidence can be found in so many different places, advanced search capabilities are often vital. Haystack can identify valuable information from:

  • Deleted files and folders,
  • Orphaned files,
  • Missing folders,
  • Internet history,
  • USB external device connectivity dates and times,
  • Malware key-loggers,
  • Volatile running memory threads,
  • Login history.

Haystack’s computer forensic experts specialize in data and metadata analysis, enabling rapid identification of information and uncovering all dates and times of interest related to inappropriate access, spoliation or other questionable activities related to sensitive and proprietary data.

Our experienced staff has worked on cases ranging from misappropriation of intellectual property and trade secret theft to industrial espionage, fraud, identity theft and copyright infringement. Haystack serves law firms, corporations, government agencies, private parties, and small and medium-sized businesses.

Haystack provides forensic analysis services of personal computers, servers, smartphones, PDAs, tablets, external storage devices, RAID storage file systems, digital voice recorders, printers, GPS units, and virtually all other devices. Our forensic technicians can extract data and metadata from a remarkable variety of hardware.

Haystack’s forensic team possesses globally recognized certifications including Certified Computer Examiner (“CCE”), Certified Information Systems and Security Professional (“CISSP”), International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, CompTIA A+ Certification, EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Security+, Paraben Cell Phone Certified Examiner, and others. This allows us to preserve the integrity of evidence at all times, helping clients to withstand even the toughest trial scrutiny.

Chain of Custody

Haystack has committed to a comprehensive digital methodology for evidence collection, data forensics, and examination services to ensure efficient and accurate tracking for Chain of Custody purposes. We utilize best-in-class custody tracking and asset management software, which has further been customized for our environment to track even the most sensitive evidence. Our tracking system adheres to the most stringent internal requirements as well as established evidence handling procedures for criminal or civil proceedings.

During any acquisition Haystack uses mobile scanners to track evidence, followed up with photographs linked to the items and separate scans of the serial numbers of the target machine.

Unlike many ESI and forensic service providers, Haystack knows where every piece of media and hardware in our possession is located at all times. Evidence lockers and security cameras are used to maintain the physical security of the evidence. When an employee is required to access a piece of evidence there is a rigorous check-in and check-out system. The entire history is available in real time to ensure forensically sound and court-admissible Chain of Custody reports.

Testimony & Affidavits

Haystack’s computer forensic experts go above and beyond when it comes to defensible collection. Our experts have you covered, providing end-to-end support, and assisting the case team in writing and attesting to any and all findings. Whether it concerns an affidavit covering our defensible procedures or expert testimony, Haystack consultants can analyze, explain, and offer technical guidance in a defensible fashion.

A full list of trials in which our forensics experts have provided testimony and affidavits can be supplied following the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Some of our experts have their CVs available for your review online.

Reach out to one of our expert sales consultants to learn more about our forensics practice and how it can assist your firm in optimizing its relevant processes.