ESI Collection and Preservation

Collection strategies are becoming the most important piece of the litigation discovery lifecycle; give your team the advantage and don’t take risks which will force you to play catch-up.

HAYSTACKID LLC offers several options for customers when it comes to forensic collections. We offer targeted collections or full forensic images of your computers and/or servers while documenting the entire process with detailed electronic chain of custody reporting. Our certified forensic experts will image your servers and workstations using the latest hardware and software, providing a full copy of the drive along with relevant data.

Haystack utilizes the same best in breed forensic technology that is used by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, SEC, NASA, and the State Department.

Haystack has been able to recover data and acquire forensic copies of some unusual devices.

We can collect from a wide range of hardware, including:

  • Windows computers and servers,
  • Apple computers,
  • Linux server systems,
  • iPhones/iPads,
  • Samsung smartphones,
  • Blackberry devices

Haystack is considered the trusted industry resource for computer investigation and data harvesting. Maintaining proper data collection and content integrity under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is critical when dealing with computer forensics and having a trusted partner is essential to the process. It is with great pride we can say our forensic procedures have never resulted in evidence being inadmissible. Haystack also prepares comprehensive collection reports and can aid and prepare for 30(b)(6) depositions.

When you call Haystack to collect your opposition’s evidence, we will find it and you will be able to use it.