eDiscovery Experts you can trust

HAYSTACKID LLC is a premier provider of eDiscovery experts and solutions thanks to its innovative and comprehensive approach to service delivery and project management. Between proprietary tools like the Relativity-Cellebrite Integrator, eCTD Review Module and DATATHRESHER ECA, as well as the best project management team in the market, Haystack has helped countless law firms and corporate legal departments handle the full range of challenges they face in the modern litigation landscape.

Corporations are handling more data than ever before, with volumes rising exponentially and storage systems diversifying every step of the way. Whether prosecuting or defending a claim, responding to external investigations, or working through internal investigations, eDiscovery preparedness is critical to maintaining cost-efficient, timely completion of necessary projects.

Haystack’s team of computer forensics and eDiscovery experts have a mastery of litigation, data management, legal, and compliance knowledge to assist in the development of records retention policies and governance strategies for greater control, transparency, and visibility. Our eDiscovery readiness workflow begins with comprehensive corporate assessments and data mapping procedures, empowering teams to custom-tailor solutions to their unique business needs.

We dedicate a team to implement the solution, train employees when necessary, and provide staff litigation assistance whenever necessary. Think of Haystack’s eDiscovery readiness solution as an insurance policy, with a guaranteed reduction in expenses compared to having an ill-advised or entirely absent strategy to handle the relevant demands of the modern market.

Let your outside and inside counsel focus on their core responsibility of practicing law – leave eDiscovery readiness to the eDiscovery experts at Haystack.