Project Managers

Project management acts as the proverbial glue that bonds all of the other elements of litigation support into a cohesive, end-to-end experience for corporate legal departments and law firms. In many cases and litigation proceedings, the skill and precision of the project managers assigned will dictate cost, effectiveness, outcomes and much more.

HAYSTACKID LLC’s Project Management staff has separated it from the competition, playing arguably the most vital role of all at the firm. Operating in the trenches, these professionals go the extra mile on a daily basis to ensure that projects run smoothly and successfully for every client. Thanks to the wide range of experience, diversified specialties and immense talent found in this department, Haystack is among the most trustworthy, consultative litigation support service providers in the market.

The Project Management department boasts countless combined commendations, honors and certifications, and is constantly finding ways to improve and innovate, thus propelling Haystack and the industry forward. One quick look at Haystack’s project management success stories reveals a proverbial universe of evidence supporting the fact that this team is the best and brightest in the nation and beyond.

Haystack’s Project Management department is constantly evolving and growing in light of greater demand for the firm’s singular end-to-end litigation support services.