HAYSTACKID LLC is directed and managed by a talented group of professionals who possess a diverse range of skills and experience. As an employee-owned business, Haystack works to empower its entire staff through agile and intelligent management policies, as well as innovative, efficient workflows. Director- and manager-level employees act as some of the guiding forces that propel operational success on a daily basis.

From computer forensics and eDiscovery specialists to dynamic project management and administration leaders, Haystack’s leadership is eclectic and robust. The team is constantly growing and improving, both expanding through internal career advancement and external hires. Haystack attracts a vast variety of talent from a range of industries and backgrounds, helping the company’s policies and processes to constantly improve over time.

In today’s fast-paced, constantly transforming litigation support services market, demands continue to evolve with no signs of slowing any time soon. Haystack’s managers and directors remain in the driver’s seat, keeping the firm at the top of the industry.