Executive Leadership

HAYSTACKID LLC is run by a diverse group of leaders, hailing from eclectic backgrounds and specialized in various areas associated with eDiscovery, litigation support, digital forensics, and more. The leadership team continues to grow, bringing aboard both young and highly experienced professionals to better facilitate operations internally and optimize services to clientele.

Executive Management Officers

Hal Brooks – Chief Executive Officer
Mike Bryant – Shareholder and Board Member – Advisor
Larry Marshall – Chief Financial Officer
Jefferey T. Stevens – Chief Technology Officer
Lee M. Neubecker – Chief Information Security Officer
Eric Singer – Executive Vice President
Jason M. Glass – Vice President of Client Services
Alexander Gessen – National Director of Forensics
Michael D. Sarlo – Vice President of eDiscovery & Digital Forensics
Rob Robinson – Chief Marketing Officer

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

HAYSTACKID LLC has a long and storied history of finding the needle in the haystack when it comes to computer forensics and eDiscovery projects. However, our end-to-end, white-glove litigation support services can help your firm proactively identify sources of risk and opportunities to excel across operations and processes.