Our People

HAYSTACKID LLC is driven by the evolving nature of technology, our commitment to hiring the most talented and hardworking professionals in the industry, and providing our clients a high return on investment. We deliver unmatched responsiveness and client care 100 percent of the time.

Haystack, as the industries it serves, functions in demanding, high-stress conditions. The people we attract truly thrive in the excitement of a deadline- and accuracy-driven business environment, and we invest in training to enable their continued success through continuous professional development.

We keep our employees satisfied and empowered to ensure clients are given the best possible service from these talented individuals. The camaraderie within our team is exceptional, and yields the type of teamwork that yields innovation, excellence, and efficiency.

Our passionate employees rise to the occasion when even the most challenging projects come across their desks. Haystack truly care about our clients’ work as much as they do.

All of our employees strive to:

  • Add value to the Haystack client relationship,
  • Help and motivate one another to navigate business challenges,
  • Always work professionally, intelligently, and ethically,
  • Continually drive innovation and develop skills,
  • Act with mutual respect and espirit de corps,
  • Come through on any and all commitments made to clientele.

Haystack understands the value of optimal communication and collaboration both within our offices and with our clients. We run like a well-oiled machine, and help clients to do so as well.