Our Philosophy

The long-term mission and approach of HAYSTACKID LLC is driven by the evolving nature of technology, our commitment to hiring the most talented and hardworking employees in the industry, providing our clients a high return on their investment, and delivering unmatched responsiveness and client care.

Our philosophy is that the best litigation support services will be rendered from the provider with the best professionals on staff. Haystack’s people separates us from our competitors, and the proof of this approach’s value is in the results we yield and trust we have earned from attorneys in the public and private sectors.

There is no doubt that Haystack is a high-performance and high-stress environment. The people that we attract truly love the excitement and deadline-driven nature of the business, thriving under these conditions. We hire exceptional people and invest in training for their continued professional development.

We hear continually from our employees that they have never been happier in a working environment. Even long-term employees can be pleasantly surprised by the positive energy, watching staff members going out of their way in helping others. The camaraderie within our team is unmatched and we focus heavily on maintaining the harmony of a diversified balance in our workplace. Our passionate employees rise to the degree that the job and culture both demand. Our people truly care about your projects as much as you do.

All of our employees strive to:

  • Add value to the Haystack client relationship,
  • Help and motivate one another to navigate successfully through business challenges,
  • Always work with professionalism and business acumen,
  • Keep their commitments they make to you,
  • Continually drive innovation and develop their skills,
  • Act with mutual respect and a spirit of teamwork.