Law Firms

As attorneys continue to become more reliant upon modern technologies to navigate complex litigation proceedings, their firms have a great need for trustworthy support services. HAYSTACKID LLC offers full end-to-end litigation support services and has become a go-to resource for attorneys in need of guidance throughout the EDRM model and beyond.

Some of the solutions and services that Haystack offers law firms include:

  • Mobile phone review through Haystack’s proprietary Relativity Cellebrite Integrator tool;
  • Collection of electronically stored information;
  • eDiscovery hosting and processing;
  • Computer forensics and analysis of myriad devices;
  • Managed review;
  • Expert testimony;
  • Managed technology services.

In today’s litigation support landscape, few providers still offer highly personalized and consultative services, putting law firms into a precarious position. Haystack has defied many of the market trends to ensure that its services and solutions always work in the best interests of law firm clientele.

Haystack has worked hand-in-hand with some of the largest law firms in the world for nearly a decade, all the while maintaining a boutique, white-glove approach to service delivery. Attorneys turn to Haystack for highly sensitive, complex and vital projects because of its unique stature in the market.

Lasting relationships between attorneys and Haystack are the direct product of project successes. More information on some of our success stories can be found within our database of case studies.

Contact one of our expert consultants to learn more about how Haystack can assist your law firm in handling complex litigation proceedings, improve responsiveness in computer forensics and eDiscovery matters, better manage spend, and much more.