Technology represents perhaps the greatest double-edged sword in today’s corporate landscape: Wielding it properly can propel any business to the top of its marketplace, while ignoring it can be a paramount source of risk. Whether within the purview of a litigation proceeding or during an information technology overhaul, HAYSTACKID LLC is an exceptional ally to all types of corporate legal departments.

Haystack boasts end-to-end litigation support services, as well as managed solutions and consultation offerings that push businesses to greater heights of technology utilization and optimization. Our services and solutions have helped countless corporations improve their workflows, strengthen operational efficiency and dramatically reduce risk through intelligent process overhauls.

Some of the key services and solutions Haystack provides corporations include:

  • Data mapping and infrastructure evaluations;
  • Computer forensics and analysis;
  • Departing employee investigations;
  • eDiscovery collections, hosting and processing;
  • Compliance support and internal policy overhauls;
  • Security evaluations and analysis;
  • Fully managed technology services through Master Services Agreements;
  • Expert testimony and affidavits;
  • Technology and legal consultation;
  • Managed review.

Haystack’s exceptional track record is exemplified by its relationships with major international corporations. Regardless of what a business might require from a litigation support or managed technology services standpoint, we are here to help. If you would like to learn more about some of our competitive differentiators and the reasons why corporations continue to look to Haystack, check out some of our success stories.

Contact one of our expert consultants to discuss how Haystack can improve your corporate legal department and general technology management.