nSight® Search by HaystackID® Recognized as 2023 Legal Technology Trailblazer by The National Law Journal

WASHINGTON – HaystackID, a specialized eDiscovery services firm supporting law firms and corporate legal departments, announced today that the company’s nSight Search technology has been named to The National Law Journal’s 2023 Legal Technology Trailblazers list. nSight Search is one of only 38 companies/products highlighted in the prestigious series.

For legal teams and compliance professionals proactively addressing privacy challenges or responding through the lens of a cyber incident response matter, nSight Search provides dynamic search results and calculates a density score based on the total number of search term hits across all documents. This allows legal teams to evaluate documents with the highest density score first in the review, a feature that is especially useful in cases involving sensitive data (PII/PHI), as it prioritizes documents containing the most PII and PHI upfront. Reviewing documents with heavily dense data early in the life cycle of a cyber incident helps legal teams avoid many downstream surprises and subsequent deadline concerns.

nSight Search also can recall specific search terms by identifying the number of times a search string appears in each document, thus allowing for analysis to identify overly broad terms, as well as allowing for precision searching.

“We are proud to be featured among this year’s Legal Technology Trailblazers,” said Michael Sarlo, HaystackID’s Chief Innovation Officer and President of Global Investigations and Cyber Incident Response Services. “nSight Search is utilized to help narrow search terms during negotiations, to identify the most conceptually dense population of documents, to cut down the review population, and as a tool for more targeted review. It truly has the power to change the way law firms and legal departments operate.”

Learn more about nSight Search and see the full list of 2023 Legal Technology Trailblazers.

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HaystackID is a specialized eDiscovery services firm that supports law firms and corporate legal departments through its HaystackID Discovery Intelligence, HaystackID Core, and HaystackID Global Advisory offerings. In addition to increased offerings, HaystackID has expanded with five investments since 2018. Repeatedly recognized as a trusted service provider by prestigious publishers such as Chambers, IDC MarketScape, and The National Law Journal, HaystackID implements innovative cyber discovery services, enterprise solutions, and legal discovery offerings to leading companies across North America and Europe, all while providing best-in-class customer service and prioritizing security, privacy, and integrity. For more information about its suite of services, including programs and solutions for unique legal enterprise needs, please visit HaystackID.com.


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