Larry Marshall

– Chief Financial Officer

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A seasoned veteran in all things finance, Mr. Marshall has a long and storied history of saving companies money, streamlining operations processes and workflows, and leveraging advanced technologies to optimize financial performance.

After earning his B.S. in Accounting in Chicago, Illinois, he quickly began to stack up a wealth of valuable experience and peer-driven respect for his natural-born abilities and talents. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and member of the Illinois Certified Public Accountant Society, Mr. Marshall has identified and eradicated waste in the accounting and administration departments of several law firms and major corporations throughout his decorated career.

This includes the implementation of a timekeeping system that eventually saved his employer millions of dollars in labor costs and spearheading a range of strategic planning, financial modeling, cost management, continuous process improvement and other initiatives. Mr. Marshall also gained acumen in a range of technologies such as Redwood Analytics, QuickBooks, Intacct ERP, Satori Slicer, Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise, and many more.

As a prominent leader in HaystackID’s C-Suite, Mr. Marshall has made a tremendous impact on the company’s bottom line since beginning his tenure. Thanks to his wide-reaching experience on both the corporate and law firm sides of the coin, he has helped to dramatically improve the financial elements of relationship management, all the while standardizing and optimizing internal processes and procedures.

Mr. Marshall is a master financial manager who has exhibited his skills by building major corporate financial infrastructure from scratch, refining existing operations through advanced assessments, and growing businesses into major power houses. With HaystackID in a continued state of rapid growth, his leadership has helped to ensure smooth and profitable expansions across a range of markets.

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