How to Drive Real Change in the Legal Industry: A Women of Legal Tech Series Interview with Anya Korolyov

Editor’s Note: At HaystackID, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal tech industry. That’s why we are proud to see one of our own, Anya Korolyov, being featured in the latest “STEM Cell” profile by Legaltech News. Anya, our Vice President of Cyber Incident Response and Custom Solutions, shares her journey to finding her “first seat at the table” at HaystackID and her thoughts on the importance of having a company that values and listens to its employees.

Women of Legal Tech: ‘To Achieve Real Change, You Must Get Buy-In From the Top,’ Says Anya Korolyov on Diversity in Law

Legaltech News Article Extract*

There’s a shortage of women in science, technology, engineering and math. But within the legal tech community, there are many women with thriving careers. Legaltech News presents our latest “STEM Cell” profile. Alma Asay recently interviewed Anya Korolyov.

This profile is a continuation of the Women of Legal Tech series originally published by Editor Monica Bay “in order to inspire girls, women (and men).” From January through March, we’ll feature women of legal tech at ALSPs.

What is your name and role?

Anya Korolyov, Vice President of Cyber Incident Response and Custom Solutions at HaystackID.

What was your “first seat at the table?”

My “first seat at the table” came a few years after I started at HaystackID. I spent three years taking on the most difficult, time-consuming, and demanding matters. After a particularly taxing matter, I took the initiative to reach out to the executive management team to present potential process improvements across multiple departments. That meeting was the first time in my career I felt like I was working for a company that listened to my voice; where I was able to make a significant difference and contribute to the company and my team.

Describe an experience where you or someone you observed served as a role model for how to counteract sexism in the workplace?

The form of sexism I have observed in the legal industry has been the exaltation of men over women, no matter their achievements. Women have to work much harder and achieve more to receive similar recognition. However, I have been fortunate to work in a company where several members in executive management positions have ardently advocated for women. To achieve real change, you must get buy-in from the top.

Read the complete interview with HaystackID’s Anya Korolyov in Legaltech News.

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