HaystackID to Share Expertise at 2023 GICLI Annual Meeting

Editor’s Note: The 9th Annual GICLI Annual Meeting is a key event for governance, risk, and compliance professionals. This year’s meeting will feature HaystackID, a leading eDiscovery and information governance services firm, as a sponsor and presenter. The firm’s experts, including Vazantha Meyers and Michael Sarlo, will join esteemed panels to discuss hot topics like mass arbitration and cybersecurity governance requirements. Additionally, HaystackID created another unique AI-generated advertisement specifically for this event. The ad showcases HaystackID’s innovative use of AI and highlights HaystackID’s commitment to thoughtful leadership in applying AI to tackle complex legal and compliance challenges.

HaystackID to Share Expertise at 2023 GICLI Annual Meeting

By HaystackID Staff

HaystackID is pleased to be a sponsor and presenter at the 9th Annual 2023 GICLI Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, California from November 15-17. As a strong advocate for GICLI, HaystackID experts will lead two insightful panel discussions on timely governance, risk, and compliance topics, both taking place on Friday, November 17 at 11AM PT.

On November 17 at 11AM PT, Vazantha Meyers of HaystackID will join the “The Proliferation of Mass Arbitration” panel. This discussion will explain the legal framework around mass arbitrations and how plaintiffs’ firms are using them, especially against technology companies. The panelists, including experts from HaystackID, Shook Hardy & Bacon, Bath & Body Works, Lenovo, and Klarna Bank AB, will share specific strategies companies can use to deter and defend against mass arbitration demands.

Also at 11AM PT, Michael Sarlo of HaystackID will participate in “The New Cybersecurity Governance Requirements” panel alongside experts from Chubb, Zurich, and Interactive Brokers. Attendees will gain insights into proposed amendments to the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation that expand governance and certification requirements for financial services companies. The panel will detail these requirements and discuss best practices for legal departments in all industries to achieve enhanced cybersecurity compliance.

Throughout the Annual Meeting, HaystackID representatives welcome the chance to connect with participants during networking events and sessions. As a leader in eDiscovery, cybersecurity and information governance services, HaystackID aims to share practical experiences and visions for tackling key legal and compliance challenges.

In addition to its thought leadership in eDiscovery and information governance, HaystackID is also making waves in the area of artificial intelligence and generative AI. With the growing interest in these technologies, it is fitting that HaystackID has chosen the GICLI Annual Meeting as the platform to unveil a new AI-generated advertisement. Created using Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) with Midjourney, the ad is more than just an awareness tool; it provides an important message that highlights HaystackID’s thoughtful and reasoned approach to the application and use of AI/GAI in eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information governance.

HaystackID GICLI Advertisement created with Midjourney*

2023.08.30 – HaystackID – GICLI – Ad

For those attending the GICLI Annual Meeting, HaystackID welcomes the opportunity for dialogue. Attendees can request a meeting before the event or connect with the firm in person during the meeting to discuss current challenges and potential solutions in the eDiscovery field.

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*Midjourney (2023) High-tech trust image generated by AI, Midjourney. Retrieved from Midjourney.com.