HaystackID® Advances Mobile Workflows with MEDAL Suite Focused on Assessment, Integration, and Review

Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL) Vanguard Snapshot Triage and MEDAL Relay Relativity-Ready Capabilities Anchor Suite Built for Mobile Demands

CHICAGO – January 23, 2024 – HaystackID, a specialized eDiscovery services firm supporting law firms and corporate legal departments, announced today the launch of an expanded suite of services as part of its Mobile Elite Discovery and Analysis Lab (MEDAL) mobile device initiative. This comprehensive suite, featuring six innovative offerings, including the groundbreaking MEDAL Vanguard™ and MEDAL Relay™ services, is designed to transform mobile data handling workflows in investigation and litigation scenarios, decreasing initial assessments from hours to minutes and time-to-review from days to hours.

Introduced in early 2023 and expanded today with a complete suite of services, HaystackID MEDAL™ empowers investigation and litigation professionals as they seek to manage mobile business data’s exponential growth and complexity. By providing swift remote triage, targeted extraction, and streamlined review of mobile content, MEDAL delivers a proven path to greater visibility and insights in even the most complex mobile-centric cases.

“Mobile devices generate data at unprecedented velocity, intensifying the complexity of investigations in a Forensics First world. HaystackID is meeting this demand head-on with the launch of MEDAL and launch of exclusive tools like MEDAL Vanguard for accelerated triage and MEDAL Relay for direct Relativity integration,” said John Wilson, Chief Information Security Officer and President of Forensics of HaystackID. “MEDAL delivers innovations that cut through the noise with unparalleled speed, empowering legal professionals with swift, remote, and precisely targeted mobile device collection and analysis. As mobile communication increasingly becomes engrained into business, so does the need for specialized discovery solutions. We’re proud to be leading the way.”

HaystackID’s MEDAL is a pioneering mobile device collection suite of six services that deliver an expansive range of remotely enabled capabilities specially crafted for the specialized needs and time-to-review demands of digital evidence collection and analysis in today’s eDiscovery processes.

Leading the charge, MEDAL Vanguard acts as the initial remote touchpoint, offering a swift evaluation of potential digital evidence contained within devices, setting the stage for further investigative actions. Following this, MEDAL Precision™ steps in with its targeted remote approach, enabling you, the legal professional, to extract specific data points necessary for your cases with utmost precision.

Soon to be introduced, MEDAL Relay is set to transform the efficiency of data review by enabling the direct and remote uploading of mobile device data collected by MEDAL Precision into Relativity databases, significantly streamlining the collection-to-review process.

Expanding the reach of legal teams, MEDAL Reach™ empowers users to perform comprehensive logical extractions of mobile devices remotely, ensuring access to data regardless of geographical constraints.

When a case requires an in-depth examination of digital footprints, MEDAL Recon™ thoroughly analyzes device interactions and histories. MEDAL Clear™ cuts through security barriers by allowing access to locked devices to procure critical information that would otherwise remain untapped.

These elements of HaystackID’s MEDAL suite collectively transform the approach to mobile device collections, ensuring that every investigation begins with a comprehensive and remote gathering of relevant digital evidence. This approach paves the way for a more effective and efficient legal discovery process, purpose-built for thoroughness and speed.

“At HaystackID, we intimately understand the mobile data challenge from our unique position supporting numerous complex investigations over the years,” said Hal Brooks, CEO of HaystackID. “With the launch of an expanded MEDAL offering, we are now delivering a comprehensive suite of mobile-tailored services to provide greater visibility and control, regardless of where sensitive data resides—paving the way for much faster and more effective investigations.”

Five innovative MEDAL suite offerings are immediately available, including Vanguard, Precision, Reach, Recon, and Clear. With the addition of Relay planned for Q1, this comprehensive suite is designed to transform mobile discovery, offering specialized support for every stage of the process, from the beginning of an investigation to the final review and analysis.

For more information about the HaystackID MEDAL suite of services, visit HaystackID.com.

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