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Rapid Response Forensics

Corporate intellectual property and trade secrets are the lifeblood of successful businesses, especially in crowded and competitive marketplaces. While the recent uptick of corporate hacks and agency leaks have prompted organizations to re-evaluate and tighten their information governance systems and policies, vulnerabilities remain and can be exploited by disgruntled current or recently departed employees who have access to sensitive information.

Third-Party Subpoenas

Receiving a subpoena from a governmental agency as a third party is an unfortunate fact of life for many organizations. In typical agency form, they are painfully broad and leave little room for negotiation. For even well-organized businesses, they represent an unexpected and unplanned cost bomb of sorts, as the respondent must gather the requested data and sweep it for privileged material prior to submission.

Innovating on the Fly

HaystackID has been innovating since its inception, having brought aboard creative and brilliant minds since day one. These inventions range from software and digital tools to techniques, workflows, and project management frameworks, and the frequency with which innovation takes place within the walls of HaystackID has only accelerated over time.

Damaged Technology

Like any good service provider, HaystackID is never happier than when a big challenge enters into the workplace. One such complex project occurred when the team was given an inoperable, severely damaged iPhone that potentially contained critical evidence in a criminal case involving domestic abuse.

As many lawyers and district attorneys know, destruction of evidence is a common issue that too many defendants, and even prosecutors, often partake in.

Data Size Matters

When it comes to eDiscovery, the size of data sets is often the most accurate indicator of the price, turnaround time and delivery methods, which are all crucial factors in the litigation process. If the data set can fit on a blank CD, the job can be handled in a matter of hours, but if it is contained on an external hard drive, it could take more than a day to process, incurring unmanageable costs for the client.

Deceptive Forensics

Any litigation services firm can attest to the fact that a project is rarely as simple as it initially appears, and HaystackID has learned this truth time and time again. In one instance, HaystackID was presented with a test that entailed performing a large forensic data collection of an individual’s laptop who was involved in a lawsuit against a major organization concerning ownership of intellectual property.

Permission Encryption

Managing internal databases has become extremely complex and sophisticated in light of the rapid evolution of data storage maintenance. Strict security protocols often need to be implemented and maintained to ensure the integrity of corporate data and networks, which can complicate data collections when firms are faced with litigation proceedings involving Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) processing.

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Ability to Adapt

HaystackID has long understood the importance of agility and flexibility in the litigation support landscape. This began with its early commitment to technology neutrality, or the promise that it would never get tied down by one piece of software like so many of its competitors, rather becoming experts in the full spectrum of technologies available on the market.

Can-Do Mentality

HaystackID Information Discovery (“HaystackID”) has made a name for itself in the scope of litigation proceedings that involve the public sector, as it has a unique understanding of the peculiarities that accompany such matters. Not only can cases present far more red tape in this arena – the scope of projects and timelines in which they need to be completed can be equally challenging.

Trustworthy Consolidation

HaystackID Information Discovery (“HaystackID”) has a long history of proactively identifying the ways in which a project’s scope might be incorrect, and then reliably and clearly communicating the better path forward to clients, even when those individuals do not have a strong understanding of the elements involved. Rather than trying to take advantage of relatively untrained attorneys, HaystackID takes a consultative, professorial approach to its client relationships.

This means educating clients whenever possible and always working in their best interests – effectively being a true advocate rather than a money pit.

Blind De-Duplication

One of the most important factors in choosing a litigation support vendor is stability. Case matters can be in litigation for many months, if not years, and client firms place a lot of trust in a vendor when they begin the processing for a new matter. Should anything occur which would necessitate switching from one vendor to another for processing, many issues can arise. Moving from one vendor to another, or splitting a particular case between multiple vendors, can be problematic for many reasons, with the most glaring issues stemming from de-duplication inconsistencies.

eDiscovery Evolution

Litigation support continues to evolve to meet the needs of changing technology, forcing the industry to adopt new methodologies to capture advanced formats of information.

A standard webpage is among the most challenging formats of information to capture in the digital age, as they are filled with embedded media, links to other pages, and other features.

OneNote eDiscovery

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing, storing and sharing all kinds of information. The organization of OneNote files are extremely difficult to image, as they are not a file but rather a logical collection of files bound together by an index that reflects a virtual foldering structure. This makes the task notably complex from a data processing perspective, as normal software is incapable of handling these documents as easily as Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF files.


The cost of processing collections, especially when data is over collected, is a major issue of eDiscovery. For this reason, the process of selecting a vendor is critical, as it could mean the difference between crippling costs and more predictable ones. HaystackID strives to achieve maximum efficiency by focusing on decreasing the strain processing puts on internal networks in addition to outside counsel, tasked with reviewing these documents.

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Tight Budget

When it comes to projects that must be completed with impossible deadlines and weighty specifications HaystackID stands alone in todays marketplace.

One of the primary reasons why some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation turn to HaystacklD for the most complex and time-sensitive projects is its flawless record in not only finding ways to make the impossible possible, but doing to in the most cost-effective fashion possible.

Unrivaled Reliability

HaystackID has been the go-to litigation support service provider among a range of major law firms and corporations since its inception. This stature has intensified significantly in the past few years, as both the market and litigation demands of clientele have evolved significantly. Unfortunately for in-house counsel and law firm attorneys, though, these two evolutions have moved along divergent paths.

Unique Persistence

By now, most people have heard about the national issue regarding for-profit universities, as Attorney General Martha Coakley has targeted these proverbial businesses in an all-out assault because of alleged misrepresentations that led to serious violations of students’ rights.

Co-Mingled Systems

Companies today often have mixed IT infrastructures, meaning that their computers run on different operating systems such as Windows and Linux or Windows and Mac OS. This is especially common in software companies whose applications run and need to be tested on multiple platforms, as well as industries in which alternative operating systems are essential, such as financial services and healthcare.

Complex eDiscovery

Any litigation services firm can assist with the simple processing requests that go along with a litigation proceeding. It takes a true technology focused well-rounded service provider to be able to assist with out-of-the-box solutions. HaystackID is that vendor with a breadth of experience ranging from vendor to law firm to corporation.

A Vigorous Defense of IP

Very rarely does the combination of capability and expertise delivered by an eDiscovery service provider make a decisive difference in shaping potential outcomes for patent infringement and trade violation defenses.
In a recent matter of between two technology-enabled manufacturing firms, HaystackID ventured into this decisive contributor realm based on its aggressive yet controlled delivery of Forensics First, Early Case Insight, and ReviewRight services to help its client find, listen, and learn from evidence in this matter between two emerging technology leaders.

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